Hello / My name is Andrew G Stewart / I’m an award-winning writer and designer / I help people share stories in print and digital / I’ve worked with UK government, international finance companies, churches, charities, dentists, artists and authors / You can find me on Facebook, but I mostly talk about Jordan Peterson, family and our labrador dog called Popcorn / Scroll down ︎ for examples / So what’s your story?

It’s less about books, it’s more about the story. Believable stories with relevance, utility and impact. It’s a terrible thing to bore people, that should always be avoided. Life is short. In an age of diminished attention spans, you need to get to the point – and quickly. More clarity, less mystery. To cut the bullsh*t, the rhetoric and fluff. That’s partly about economy of approach, where value is less on the side of indulgence, more on the side of worth and utility. ︎
My approach is less about the transactional nature of what you do (what people buy from you), it’s more about the relationship, what people can achieve with you? Yes, to be clear on the offer, but also to enable your audience to better understand and appreciate the value exchange. Back to you. What do you want your story to do? Prompt a change in behaviour? It might be an act of preservation, a legacy or maybe just to remind us what’s important – first to ourselves, then maybe to others.

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