︎ When will the book available? / Currently under review by a peer group and martial art experts both in the UK & US. Once reviews are in, the book will be made available to buy. For updates, reach out via ︎ ︎ or email

︎ Who’s it for? A book for the first-timer, amateur or seasoned professional. In fact anyone brave enough to face a challenge that scares them. Available in hard and soft cover / 75+ pages / Size: 214 x 254mm

What’s the book about? What do we know, beyond what Hollywood and YouTube would have us believe? When it comes to martial arts, what’s true, what’s real and what’s myth? How does what we hope to learn in the training hall apply to everyday life and what do people actually receive when they step into the dojang, dojo or training hall? Discover a life-saving story of courage and community, a sensational sum paid for a fight club and a fearless act of death-defying daring. Closer to home, read an interview with the masters and learn tactics for self-preservation. On a lighter note, discover the answer to why martial arts isn’t all just a load of ‘Hong Kong Phooey’. An insider’s guide. Designed, written and produced by award-winning designer (and black belt) Andrew G Stewart. 

︎ The book ︎︎︎

Reviews to follow